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Why put clothes on a tiny preemie?

Premature babies need extra care, attention, and love. They are fragile, and require all the warmth we can give them. Research shows that dressing a premature baby actually improves his or her ability to thrive. Nurture Place is dedicated to providing families with the highest quality preemie clothing available, perfect for even the smallest infants.

Whether you are in need of preemie baby clothes, micro preemie clothes, or even NICU baby clothes, we have styles and sizes for the little one in your life. Nurture Place’s passion is caring for premature babies, and we want to share this passion with every one of our customers. We have a vast selection for both boys and girls.

Shop for all your preemie baby clothes, right from the comfort of your own home. For more info on our preemie clothing, micro preemie clothes, and NICU baby clothes, contact us today!

What our customers are saying...

  • My premie daughter needed the NICU safe clothing. All the nurses that have cared for my daughter tell me that the clothing makes it very easy to do their hands-on evaluations, and they cannot stop saying how cute they are. I will continue to shop Nurture Place even after my daughter is out of the NICU!
    Jean S.  –  Round Lake, IL
    5 star rating
  • I was looking for a certain item and I found it right away. I called to place my order since I do not like using my credit card online and I thought the person who assisted me was very helpful and very nice.
    Laila M.  –  Marlburough, CT
    4 star rating
  • I have never had to deal with micro-preemies before. Emma was born 3 months early and had nothing but a blanket in the hospital. It is awesome that your website helped to make her more comfortable by wearing clothes.
    Carrie H.  –  Northwood, NH
    4 star rating
  • I have already told everyone else in the family about this site and would recommend it to everyone. There was 1 item that I ordered that was no longer available and my credit was replaced on my credit card very fast. That is the type of service that matters.
    Carrie H.  –  Northwood, NH
    4 star rating
  • It was so exciting to see clothing that fit my micro-preemie son. The NICU safe gowns are very convenient for the the nurses & don't interfere with access to his leads. I especially liked the low cost shipping fee. I will definitely use this website again.
    Juanita B.  –  Dallas, TX
    4 star rating
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